Physical Collections

  • Astronomical Institutions (AI) Collection - along with the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, Wolbach holds the most complete collection in the U.S.  Many of these publications are unique.
  • International Astronomy/Astrophysics Thesis Collection - a select and expanding world wide collection from the 19th century on, cataloged individually and shelved together.
  • Harvard Astronomy Department Dissertations Collection - shelved alphabetically by author
  • Papers resulting from the Harvard Astronomy Department Research Tutorials
  • Ephemerides

Collection Highlights

Astronomy Slide Collection
Slide sets available at the Wolbach Library, including itemized slide listings.

CfA Historical Bibliography
A collection of highlighted resources about the CfA's history.

CfA Newsletters
A recently digitized and searchable online collection of CfA Newsletters, accessible through CfA IP addresses or VPN authentication. SAO NEWS (1961-1973), CenterLine (1974-1981), CfA Almanac (1982-2000).

Microfilm Project
Items microfilmed as part of a preservation project carried out at Harvard University through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). 

Stars from the Wolbach Library Collection
Short slideshow of various items collected over the years.

Video Collection
Videos available at the Wolbach Library, including CfA Colloquia.

Women in Astronomy Bibliography
A collection of works by and about women in astronomy.