Project Team

The DASCH project was initiated by Professor Josh Grindlay in 2002, who led the project until 2022 when the John G. Wolbach Library stepped in to direct the work's completion and act as steward of both the physical Glass Plate Collection and the resulting digitized data. The below list identifies the people currently executing the project and planning for the Collection's future.

Project Leaders

  • Daina Bouquin, Head Librarian
  • Sarah Lavallee, Acting Curator of Astronomical Photographs
  • Katie Frey, Assistant Head Librarian

Glass Plate Curatorial Assistants    

  • Lisa Bravata        
  • Thom Burns      
  • Elizabeth Coquillette    
  • Sarah Insalaco
  • Samantha Notick    
  • Meta Partenheimer

Consultanting Experts

  • Tony Lowe
Glass plate photograph of the Orion nebula with handwritten markings in blue.Plate A01271 (1895).