Events and Conduct in Wolbach Library

The primary purpose of allowing events in Wolbach Library is to promote the work of the CfA community and to support their scholarly and professional needs. To this end we expect library spaces to be treated with care and respect and that any and all expenses related to staffing, cleanup, or damage will be fully reimbursed by event sponsors. Please refer to the following procedures when planning events in Wolbach, and contact Daina Bouquin if you have questions. Please also refer to Wolbach's Code of Conduct.

Event Procedures

The Head Librarian of Wolbach Library, or her/his designee, approves all usage of the Library’s physical space on a case-by-case basis and consults with other stakeholders as needed (this includes but is not limited to the Wolbach Library Committee and the CfA Director’s Office). The Library may determine the number of events to be operated simultaneously, and does not guarantee exclusive use of the Library. Library-initiated programs and events take precedence over external group events. 

Restrictions and Conditions

  • Event sponsors are responsible for organizing event logistics including but not limited to setup and cleanup activities (e.g., catering)
  • The Head Librarian, or her/his designee, must approve any rearrangement of library furniture associated with events 
  • Use of lighted candles is prohibited from library spaces
  • Events must adhere to Fire Safety Codes, including the maximum stated capacities of the spaces
  • Spaces should be acknowledged as Wolbach Library spaces in relevant written and electronic announcements, and public remarks, as appropriate
  • Partisan political campaigning and/or fundraising are not permitted.
  • Groups planning events should be familiar with the following sections of Harvard building policies and procedures (the CfA, although composed of both SAO and HCO is housed within a Harvard building):
  • Groups planning events should be familiar with the following Harvard and Smithsonian policies and contacts and how they may be relevant to their prospective events. 

All members of the CfA community committing to events in Wolbach Library shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Wolbach Library and the CfA against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting in and accruing from any negligent act, omission, or error of the organization or group resulting in or relating to personal injuries, property damage, or any other claim arising from the organization/group’s event or use of the Library’s event spaces. The individual or group requesting to hold an event in Wolbach Library is ultimately responsible for its safe execution.