How can I have access to full text journal articles through our library subscriptions when using Google Scholar?

In order to view full-text resources available through the Harvard University Library System, you must link your account on Google Scholar search to the Harvard University proxy server. This will enable links to full-text via the familiar "Find it @ Harvard" buttons when viewing a Google Scholar record with full-text availability.

  1. Go to Google Scholar’s main page and click “Settings”

  2. Select “Library links” on the left of the page

  3. In the empty box, type “Harvard” and click search

  4. Check the box next to “Harvard University - Find It @ Harvard” and click “Save”

  5. Now “Find it @ Harvard” buttons will appear next to resources.  If you are logged into your or other google based email address, the changes to the settings page should remain in effect when you return to Google Scholar.