ORCID infographic
ORCID® (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) iDs are persistent identifiers for researchers. This author identification tool is an effort that is being supported by libraries, publishers, and funders to help connect researchers to their works. Some publishers and funders already require ORCID iDs, and many others will soon join them.

Register: Signing up for an ORCID iD is easy! Visit https://orcid.org/register to register.

Authorize CrossRef Metadata Search to make maintaining your ORCID record easy: After you've signed up for your ORCID iD, authorize CrossRef Metadata Search to link to your ORCID record. Follow step-by-step instructions for authorizing CrossRef.

When you first authorize CrossRef, it will search its records for works that might be yours; you'll have the option to add matches to your ORCID record. From then on, CrossRef will monitor newly published works, and, if it finds a work it thinks is yours, will send a notification through ORCID to your ORCID inbox to ask you if you'd like to link the work to your ORCID record.

Tell us: Once you've registered for an ORCID iD, share it with us! Just fill out the form below -- all we need is your name, email address, and ORCID iD.

Find out who else at the CfA has already signed up for and submitted their ORCID iD! Your name and ORCID iD will be added soon after you submit the form below.