Video Collection

BT315.2.M65 1999
Molnar, Michael R., 1945-
The star of Bethlehem : the legacy of the Magi
CfA colloquium--December 16, 1999
HD62.6.S63 2000
Small, Lawrence M.
"You are what you track" : remarks / by Lawrence M. Small. -- [Washington, DC : Smithsonian Institution, 2000]
KF3030.1.I88 1995
Issues concerning electronic copyright / Special Libraries Association Distance Learning Program live from Lexis-Nexis. [Washington, D.C. : Special Libraries Association, 1995]
LB1060.P74 1989
A private universe : misconceptions that block learning. Santa Monica, CA : Pyramid Film & Video, c1989.
LB1585.3.A87 1998
Assessment in math and science: what's the point? / [produced by] Harvard University, Smithsonian Institution, in partnership with Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications. -- Cambridge, Mass : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 1997.
LB1585.3.C37 1997
Case studies in science education / Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Education Department ; producer Alex Griswold. -- S. Burlington, VT : Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Collection, c1997.
LB1585.3.L66 1999
Looking at learning ... again / produced by Harvard University and Smithsonian Institution. -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ; [Providence, R.I.] : Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, c1999.
LB1585.3.M38 1997
Mathematics: what's the big idea? / produced by Harvard University, Smithsonian Institution in partnership with Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications. -- Cambridge, Mass : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 1997.
LB1585.3.N49 1998
The next move : steps toward change in elementary math and science / produced by Smithsonian Institution, Harvard University. -- [Cambridge, Mass.]: Science Media Group, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 1998.
LB1585.3.P75 1997
Private universe teacher workshops / produced in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, Harvard University, and the Smithsonian Institution. -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : President and Fellows of Harvard College : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, c1995-1997.
LB1585.3.S35 1997
The science of teaching science / produced by Harvard University, Smithsonian Institution, in partnership with Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications. -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, c1997.
LB1738.5.P74 1999
Principles for principals -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ; [Providence, R.I.] : Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, c1999.
LB2157.M4 S88 1999
The student teaching experience -- Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Media Group, c1999. (The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics TEAMS-BC video series)
LB2806.4.P74 1999
Principals in the line of fire : the challenges of authentic leadership / Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University. -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, c1999.
LB2822.82.E93 1999
Evans, Robert, 1944-
Professional community and the problems of change : an address to a meeting of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform's National School Reform Faculty, December 1998 / by Robert Evans. Providence, RI : Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University, c1999.
Q181.P747 1997
Minds of our own / The Science Education Department of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. -- [Cambridge, Mass.] : President and Fellows of Harvard College, 1997.
Q183.3.A1 B35 1998
Balancing caring and expectations in the science classroom. Providence, RI : Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University, c1998.
Q183.3.M4 F68 1999
Four courses, one goal : new approaches to pre-service teacher education. -- Cambridge, MA : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Media Group, c1999. (The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics TEAMS-BC video series)
Q183.3.M4 S58 1999
Site-based courses for pre-service teachers -- Cambridge, MA : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Media Group, c1999. (The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics TEAMS-BC video series)
QA13.B34 1998
Balancing routines and repertoire in the math classroom. Providence, RI : Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University, c1998.
QA14.M4 M38 1999
Mathematics with a human face : using peer tutors to enhance an undergraduate mathematics course. -- Cambridge, MA : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Media Group, c1999. (The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics TEAMS-BC video series)
QA76.9.C65 V58 1990
Visualization in computational science / Creative Communications, E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. ; an IRC television production, Instructional Resource Center, The University of Georgia. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, [1990]
QA135.5.S87 2001
Surprises in mind / produced and directed by Paul Stern. -- Cambridge, MA : Smithsonian Institution, Astrophysics Observatory, Science Media Group, c2001.
QA273.R26 1990z
Random events -- Newton, Mass. : Educational Development Center, [between 1990 and 2001?]
QB3.R45 2000
Reid, I. Neill, 1957-
Probing the depths with 2MASS, Keck and HST
CfA colloquium--May 25, 2000
QB36.C35 A66 1993
Annie and the stars of many colors : a portrait of astronomer Annie Jump Cannon / Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Observatory. Cambridge, MA : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, c1993.
QB36.G2 B544 2003
Biagioli, Mario.
History of astronomy talk : distance and authority in early telescope astronomy
CfA Colloquium--December 11, 2003
QB36.G2 G388 2002
Galileo's battle for the heavens / a NOVA production by Green Umbrella for WBGH/Boston in association with Channel 4 ; written and produced by David Axelrod ; directed by Peter Jones. [Boston] : WGBH Boston Video,c2002.
QB36.G2 G66 2002
Gingerich, Owen.
Galileo : Hero or Heretic?
Filmed Sept. 19, 2002 at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
QB41.C815 G56 2001
Gingerich, Owen.
The Copernican revolution revisited
CfA colloquium--December 13, 2001
QB41.K333 V64 1998
Voelkel, James.
Sleepwalking or argument? : the truth behind Kepler's Astronomia nova
CfA colloquium--December 17, 1998
QB44.2.A87 1991
The Astronomers / a production of KCET/Los Angeles. 1991.
QB44.2.H34 2002
Hadingham, Evan.
Science television: What Works & What Doesn't
CfA colloquium--March 28, 2002
QB51.3.I45 L35 1998
Langer, Bill.
Imaging star and disk formation
CfA colloquium--April 2, 1998
QB51.3.I45 W56 2001
Windhorst, Rogier Arnold.
HST/WFPC2 mid-UV imaging of nearby galaxies, and what they would look like in deep NGST images at z=1--15
CfA colloquium--October 4, 2001
QB54.D73 2000
Drake, Frank D.
New directions in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
CfA colloquium--November 2, 2000
QB54.K66 1999
Knoll, Andrew H.
Astrobiology : what is it and what can be done about it?
CfA colloquium--September 30, 1999
QB54.M36 2002
Ward, Peter Douglas,1949-
Rare earth dialogues / P. Ward., C. Marshall.
Lecture held at Phillips Auditorium, Harvard College Observatory, Oct. 22, 2002.
QB54.T37 1998
Tarter, Jill C.
SETI : science fact, not fiction
CfA colloquium--April 16, 1998
QB82.U62 C46 1998
CfA 25th anniversary [1998]
QB88.G45 2002
Gilmozzi, Roberto, 1954-
Science and technology of a 100m telescope : ESO's OWL concept.
CfA colloquium--May 24, 2002
QB88.M2 1979
Mirrors on the universe: the MMT story / University of Arizona, Smithsonian Institution ; produced by Ted Offret, directed by Alex Hankocy, written by James Cornell.
QB88 .M388 2004
Max, Claire, 1946-
Nearby active galactic nuclei seen via adaptive optics at the Keck Telescope
CfA Colloquium--February 5, 2004
QB88.M39 2001
Max, Claire, 1946-
The solar system at high spatial resolution : early applications of adaptive optics at the Keck Telescope
CfA colloquium--March 8, 2001
QB88.M855 2002x
The Multiple Mirror Telescope : converts from six mirrors to one. / Tucson, Ariz. : Video Workshop, [2002?]
QB90.N45 2002
Nelson, Jerry.
Large scale astronomical optics
CfA Colloquium--October 17, 2002
QB145.C45 2000
Celestial sphere : a narrated tour of the night sky. -- Ontario, Canada : Starlight Theatre, c2000.
QB175.B76 2001
Brown, Timothy M.
Transits by extrasolar planets: the power of the dark side
CfA Colloquium--May 24, 2001
QB391.9.C36 2003
Canup, Robin.
Origin of the moon: modeling lunar forming impacts
CfA Colloquium--March 27, 2003
QB421.S58 1999
Shu, Frank H.
Toward a theory of isolated binary-star formation
CfA colloquium--April 12, 1999
QB450.P525 2002
Pilachowski, Caty.
Heavy metal from ancient superstars
CfA colloquium--May 9, 2002
QB450.S37 2000
Sneden, Christopher.
Early galactic nucleosynthesis : clues from very metal-poor field stars
CfA colloquium--October 26, 2000
QB450.W37 2001
Wasserburg, Jerry.
Short-lived nuclei in the early solar system, nucleosynthesis, and chemical evolution since Big Bang
CfA colloquium--September 20, 2001
QB450.5.F54 2003
Fields, Brian
Primordial nucleosynthesis in light of the cosmic microwave background
CFA Colloquium--September 25, 2003
QB460.H37 2000
The first Harvard-Smithsonian Conference on Theoretical Astrophysics : the first generation of cosmic structures / sponsored by Raymond and Beverly Sackler.
QB461.B47 1999
Bernstein, Rebecca.
The first detections of the extragalactic background light at 3000, 5500, 8000 [angstroms]
CfA colloquium--November 18, 1999
QB462.6.D57 2001
Dishoeck, Ewine Fleur van, 1955-
Molecules on a space odyssey
CfA colloquium--May 31, 2001
QB462.6.N48 2000
Neufeld, David Anthony.
The molecular universe
CfA colloquium--February 17, 2000
QB462.7.K34 1999
Kahn, Steven M.
X-ray spectra of photoionized plasmas
CfA colloquium--September 23, 1999
QB465.C26 1999
Canizares, Claude Roger.
High resolution spectroscopy with the Chandra X-ray Observatory
CfA colloquium--May 7, 1999
Raymond and Beverly Sackler distinguished lecture in astronomy
QB465.H54 2000
High energy vision : the Chandra X-ray Observatory. -- [La Jolla, Calif.] : UCSD-TV ; [Cambridge, Mass.] : Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Chandra X-ray Center, c2000.
QB465.T36 1999
Tananbaum, Harvey D.
First results from the Chandra X-ray Observatory
CfA colloquium--September 16, 1999
QB465.V64 1999
Vogeley, Michael.
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (status, delays, successes, and science!)
CfA colloquium--April 15, 1999
QB466.A25 B55 1999
Bildsten, Lars.
Gravitational radiation from accreting neutron stars : implications for millisecond pulsar formation and LIGO
CfA colloquium--February 18, 1999
QB466.A25 H39 2002
Hawley, John Frederick.
3D Simulations of Magnetic Accretion Disks: Local to Global
CfA colloquium--September 12, 2002
QB466.D58 B43 1998
Beckwith, S. V. W. (Steve V. W.)
Evolutionary properties of circumstellar disks and extra-solar planet formations
CfA colloquium--April 30, 1998
QB466.D58 D35 2002
Dalcanton, Juliane.
The skinny on galaxy formation from edge-on disks
CfA colloquium--December 19, 2002
QB466.D58 W37 1998
Ward, Bill.
Disk-planet interactions : secular resonance damping
CfA colloquium--November 5, 1998
QB466.J46C45 2004
Celotti, Annalisa.
Jets in active nuclei : what are we learning?
CfA colloquium--March 25, 2004
QB466.J46 C67 2003
Corbel, Stephane.
Relativistic jets from x-ray binaries (microquasars)
CfA colloquium--April 3, 2003
QB466.J46 F35 2002
Falcke, Heino.
Black holes and the power of jets
CfA colloquium--May 16, 2002
QB466.J46 L58 1998
Livio, Mario, 1945-
Astrophysical jets
CfA colloquium--April 23, 1998
QB466.J46 S39 2002
Schwartz, Daniel A.
Chandra observations of extragalactic x-ray jets
CfA colloquium--March 21, 2002
QB471.7.B85 F78 2000
Fruchter, Andrew S.
Gamma ray bursts and their host galaxies
CfA colloquium--October 5, 2000
QB471.7.B85 H37 2002
Harvard-Smithsonian Conference on Theoretical Astrophysics (2nd : 2002 : Harvard University)
Gamma-ray bursts [videorecording] : the brightest explosions in the universe : May 20-23, 2002.
Program and selected talks available at
QB471.7.B85 K85 1997
Kulkarni, S. R. (Shri R.), 1956-
Gamma ray bursts : dying cries from the deep universe
CfA colloquium--December 11, 1997
QB471.7.B85 L36 2003
Don Lamb.
Scientific highlights of the HETE-2 Mission
CfA Colloquium--October 9, 2003
QB471.7.B85 M39 2000
Mészáros, Peter.
Gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows: some recent developments
CfA colloquium--February 3, 2000
QB471.7.B85 P37 1998
Paradijs, J. van.
Gamma ray bursts
CfA colloquium--January 29, 1998
QB471.7.B85 S73 2003
Stanek, Kris.
Gamma-ray bursts: a mystery solved?
CfA colloquium--February 13, 2003
QB472.D35 2002
Dalgarno, A.
X-rays in the solar system
CfA colloquium--April 18, 2002
QB473.G53 2003
Giacconi, Riccardo.
The rise of x-ray astronomy
CfA colloquium--May 1, 2003
QB474.M66 2000
Moos, Warren.
Early results from the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Mission
CfA colloquium--February 10, 2000
QB479.2.H49 2003
Hewitt, Jacqueline
LOFAR as a radio large-aperture synoptic survey telescope
CfA Colloquium--December 18, 2003
QB479.4.R63 1999
Robson, Ian (Ian E. I.), 1947-
SCUBA : a revolution in submillimetre astronomy
CfA colloquium--March 4, 1999
QB479.4.S36 2001
Scott, Douglas.
Dusty corners of the universe
CfA colloquium--February 22, 2001
QB479.5.K64 2003
Koekemoer, Anton.
Extreme x-ray/optical sources (EXOs) : probes of the high redshift universe
CfA colloquium--October 2, 2003
QB479.5.R45 2004
Reid, Mark Jonathan,1948-
Must Sgr A* be a super-massive black hole?
CfA Colloquium--February 12, 2004
QB500.262.H82 2001
Huber, M. C. E.
European space science in the 21st century
CfA colloquium--February 8, 2001
QB500.268.H64 1994
Hoffman, Jeffrey A.
"How we fixed Hubble" : lecture
QB500.268.H83 1998
Ellis, Richard.
Hubble Space Telescope imaging of distant galaxies
CfA colloquium--February 19, 1998
Sackler lecture
QB500.269.M38 2003
Mather, John C.
The James Webb Space Telescope
CfA Colloquium--November 6, 2003
QB521.P75 2000
Priest, E. R. (Eric Ronald), 1943-
Surprises and puzzles on our Sun
CfA colloquium--December 14, 2000
QB521.T58 2001
Title, Alan M.
The new science of the Sun
CfA colloquium--May 10, 2001
QB529.A58 2002
Antiochos, Spiro K.
The magnetic origins of explosive solar activity
CfA colloquium--November 7, 2002
QB529.R39 2003
John Raymond.
Coronal mass ejections associated with the most powerful solar flares
CfA Colloquium--October 16, 2003
QB539.S65 B34 1998
Bahcall, John N.
Solar neutrinos
CfA colloquium--September 10, 1998
QB539.T4 S62 2000
Solar blast / produced, written, and directed by Malvina Anderson Martin ; produced by Rubin Tarrant Productions for National Geographic Television in cooperation with PBS. -- [S.l.] : Rubin Tarrant Productions ; Alexandria, Va. : distributed by PBS Home Video, c2000.
QB602.9.B67 1999
Boss, Alan.
Gas giant planet formation : core accretion or disk instability?
CfA colloquium--December 9, 1999
QB602.9.T47 1998
Terebey, S. (Susan)
A candidate protoplanet in the Taurus star forming region
CfA colloquium--November 19, 1998
QB603.O74 S58 2003
Shu, Frank H.
The formation of planetesimals
CfA colloquium--January 30, 2003
QB631.B58 1990
Blue planet : a film for the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution /] presented as a public service by Lockheed Corporation and the National Air and Space Museum ; filmed with the cooperation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. -- Toronto : IMAX, c1990. (IMAX experience space)
QB641.L54 1996
Life on Mars. Whittier, Calif. : Finley-Holiday Film, c1996.
QB695.A43 2003
Alcock, Charles.
Fishing in the dark : searching for extremely faint objects in the outer solar system.
CfA Colloquium--October 30, 2003
QB732.M86 2001
Mumma, Michael J.
A current view of organic volatiles in comets
CfA colloquium--October 18, 2001
QB732.S74 2001
Stern, Alan, 1957-
Cold comets, collision codes, and a possible link between the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt
CfA colloquium--January 25, 2001
QB790.G66 1998
Goodman, Alyssa Ann.
Watching the interstellar medium move
CfA colloquium--September 17, 1998
QB790.H45 1998
Heiles, Carl.
The Eridanus superbubble in its multiwavelength glory
CfA colloquium--December 10, 1998
QB791.D73 1998
Draine, Bruce.
Why are interstellar dust grains aligned?
CfA colloquium--February 26, 1998
QB791.3.A43 1999
Alcock, Charles.
The future of gravitational microlensing surveys
CfA colloquium--April 8, 1999
QB791.3.N368 2001
Natarajan, Priya.
Probing Dark Matter Halos With Gravitational Lensing
CfA colloquium--December 6, 2001
QB791.3.S88 1998
Stubbs, Christopher.
Searching for dark matter with gravitational microlensing : a report from the MACHO Collaboration
CfA colloquium--February 5, 1998
QB791.4.A33 2003
Adams, Fred, 1961-
Chaotic case studies : sensitive dependence on initial conditions in star formation and planet formation
CfA Colloquium--November 13, 2003
QB791.4.D36 2000
Dame, Thomas M.
The Milky Way in molecular clouds : a new complete CO survey
CfA colloquium--December 21, 2000
QB791.4.O78 2000
Ostriker, Eve C.
Dynamical models of turbulent, magnetized molecular clouds
CfA colloquium--November 11, 2000
QB791.4.Z58 2004
Ziurys, Lucy.
New trends in interstellar chemistry : from nucleosynthesis to nucleic acids
CfA colloquium--April 15, 2004
QB791.5.L63 2002
Lockman, Jay.
Discovery of a population of HI clouds in the galactic halo
CfA colloquium--October 24, 2002
QB791.5.M43 2003
McClure-Griffiths, Naomi.
HI structure in the Milky Way : the big and the small
CfA colloquium--April 10, 2003
QB792.G46 2003
Geoff, Blake.
High resolution rovibrational spectroscopy of circumstellar disks
CfA colloquium--April 17, 2003
QB792.S37 2001
Sargent, Anneila I.
Tracing the evolution of disks around young stars
CfA colloquium--March 22, 2001
QB792.W45 2002
Weinberger, Alycia.
The planet-circumstellar disk connection
CfA colloquium--September 19, 2002
QB793.N42 L43 2003
Learned, J. G. (John Gregory), 1940-
News on nus : a neutrino universe
CfA colloquium--February 20, 2003
QB806.B65 2000
Bolte, Michael.
The age of the oldest stars
CfA colloquium--April 13, 2000
QB806.C35 2003
Calzetti, Daniela.
Do we have a recipe for star formation?
CfA colloquium--February 27, 2003
QB806.C53 2001
Chaboyer, Brian, 1965-
The ages of stars
CfA colloquium--February 15, 2001
QB806.F47 2001
Ferguson, Henry C.
Where's the kaboom? : exploring the star-formation histories of galaxies in the Hubble deep fields
CfA colloquium--April 12, 2001
QB806.G74 1999
Greenhill, Lincoln Jared.
X marks the spot : masers and dynamics in regions of high-mass star formation
CfA colloquium--May 6, 1999
QB806.H39 2001
Hartmann, Lee
Challenges in Star Formation
CfA colloquium--November 29, 2001
QB806.K466 1998
Kennicutt, R. C.
Recipes for global star formation in galaxies
CfA colloquium--November 12, 1998
QB806.L63 1998
Loeb, Abraham.
The first stars and quasars
CfA colloquium--October 29, 1998
QB806.M67 2002
Morrison, Heather.
Star streams in the Milky Way:fragments of its history
CfA colloquium--November 21, 2002
QB806.P48 2000
Pettini, Max.
The first galaxies : clues from elemental abundances
CfA colloquium--March 2, 2000
QB806.R45 1999
Reipurth, Bo.
Herbig-Haro jets and their energy sources
CfA colloquium--October 21, 1999
QB806.S58 1999
Shu, Frank H.
Toward first-principle calculations of star formation rates in GMCs
QB806.W45 1999
Welch, William J.
The formation of low mass stars in small clusters
CfA colloquium--March 18, 1999
QB808.H86 2004
Hunter, Deidre.
The stellar structure of irregular galaxies
CfA colloquium--April 8, 2004
QB809.H38 2003
Hauschildt, Peter.
Model atmospheres of M, L, and T dwarfs
CfA colloquium--September 11, 2003
QB820.A75 2002
Armitage, Phil.
Understanding the statistics of extrasolar planetary systems
CfA colloquium--February 6, 2003
QB820.B87 2000
Burrows, Adam.
Theory of the atmospheres and spectra of substellar mass objects
CfA colloquium--March 16, 2000
QB820.F57 2000
Fischer, Debra.
Status of extrasolar planets : multiple systems and metallicities
CfA colloquium--December 7, 2000
QB820.G85 2000
Guillot, Tristan.
Composition of extrasolar giant planets
CfA colloquium--November 30, 2000
QB820.M35 2003
Mallen-Ornelas, Gabriela.
The EXPLORE search for transiting extrasolar planets
Steeghs, Daniel.
Mapping interacting binaries
CfA colloquium (Clay Fellowship Symposium)--April 24, 2003
QB820.M87 2001
Murray, Norm.
Extrasolar Planets
CfA colloquium--November 8, 2001
QB820.N69 1999
Noyes, Robert W.
Planets orbiting other stars
CfA colloquium--December 2, 1999
QB820.W65 2001
Wolszczan, Aleksander.
Neutron star planets for fun and profit
CfA colloquium--April 19, 2001
QB837.5.D74 2003
Janet Drew.
A binary taxonomy brain-teaser : the first carbon-enhanced cataclysmic variable
CfA Colloquium--October 23, 2003
QB843.B55 B37 2001
Barger, Amy.
Cosmic census of AGN and the growth of supermassive black holes
CfA colloquium--March 1, 2001
QB843.B55 F544 2002
Ferrarese, Laura.
Black Hole Demographics
CfA colloquium--March 7, 2002
QB843.B55 F55 2000
Filippenko, Alexei V.
Stellar-mass black holes in binary systems
CfA colloquium--February 24, 2000
QB843.B55 G54 1999
Ghez, Andrea.
Observing the fastest moving stars in our galaxy : evidence for a supermassive central black hole
CfA colloquium--April 22, 1999
QB843.B55 G54 2000
Ghez, Andrea.
The first accelerations measurements of stars around AgrA* : pinpointing and characterizing the galaxy's central massive black hole
CfA colloquium--May 4, 2000
QB843.B55 P48 2003
Peterson, Bradley.
Measuring AGN black hole masses by reverberation mapping
CfA colloquium--May 4, 2000
QB843.B55 R53 1998
Richstone, Doug.
Very massive black holes in the centers of nearby galaxies
CfA colloquium--April 9, 1998
QB843.B55 T74 2002
Tremaine, Scott
The demography of massive black holes
CfA colloquium--May 2, 2002
QB843.B77 B76 1998
Lunine, Jonathan Irving.
Brown dwarfs : the new frontier
CfA colloquium--March 5, 1998
QB843.B77C53 2004
Charbonneau, Dave.
The brown dwarf radial velocity survey
Seager, Sara.
Towards a physical characterization of extrasolar planets
Bok Prize lecture.
CfA colloquium--March 18, 2004
QB843.B77 N38 2003
Natta, Antonella.
Brown dwarfs in regions of star formation
CfA colloquium--June 5, 2003
QB843.N4 K57 1998
Klis, M. van der
HZ QPO in accreting neutron stars : do beat frequency models work?
CfA colloquium--October 1, 1998
QB843.N4 N49 1997
Kaspi, Victoria Michelle, 1967-
Neutron stars get their kicks
CfA colloquium--October 30, 1997
QB843.P8 G34 2002
Gaensler, Bryan.
Bubbles, jets & nebulae: New Views on Pulsar Winds with Chandra
Matthews, Lynn.
Clues on galaxy structure and evolution from studies of 'superthin' spirals
CfA colloquium--April 25, 2002
QB843.P8 T39 1994
Taylor, Joseph H.
Binary pulsars and relativistic gravity : the second Sackler distinguished lecture in astronomy
QB843.S95C54 2004
Chevalier, Roger.
Neutron stars, pulsar wind nebulae, and their supernovae
CfA colloquium--April 1, 2004
QB843.S95 L58 2002
Livio, Mario.
Type Ia Supernovae: Could We Be Fooled?
CfA colloquium--February 28, 2002
QB843.S95 M33 1999
McCray, Richard.
The impact of SN1987A with its circumstellar ring
CfA colloquium--February 25, 1999
QB843.S95 R54 2001
Riess, Adam G.
Cosmological implications of the highest redshift supernova (known)
CfA colloquium--October 25, 2001
QB843.S95 S84 2000
Stephenson, F. Richard
Historical supernovae
CfA colloquium--September 28, 2000
QB843.T12 G65 1998
Goldreich, Peter.
Protostellar disks
CfA colloquium--March 19, 1998
QB843.W5H36 2004
Hansen, Brad,1968-
The white dwarf cooling sequence in the Globular Cluster Messier 4
CfA Colloquium--March 11, 2004
QB853.P83 2004
Pudritz, Ralph E.
The formation of star clusters: 3D simulations of hydrodynamic turbulence in self-gravitating gas
CfA Colloquium--March 4, 2004
QB853.5.R37 2000
Rasio, Fred.
Pulsars in globular clusters
CfA colloquium--January 27, 2000
QB853.6.B68 2003
Brodie, Jean P.
Globular cluster sub-populations and galaxy assembly
CfA Colloquium--December 4, 2003
QB855.L33 1999
Lada, Charles J.
Seeing light through the dark : infrared extinction and the nature of dark nebulae
CfA colloquium--March 25, 1999
QB855.5.C53 2002
Ciardullo, Robin Bruce.
Planetary Nebulae and Intracluster Stars
CfA colloquium--September 26, 2002
QB855.9.C7 H47 2002
Hester, Jeff.
The Crab Nebula: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
CfA colloquium--February 7, 2002
QB857.D53 1997
Dickinson, Mark.
Galaxies and galaxy clusters at z>1
CfA colloquium--November 17, 1997
QB857.5.B84 C37 1999
Carollo, C. Marcella.
Spiral galaxies with HST : clues to bulge formation
CfA colloquium--February 4, 1999
QB857.5.E96 B53 1998
Blandford, Roger D.
Middle-aged galaxies
CfA colloquium--October 22, 1999
QB857.5.E96 B68 2000
Bothun, Greg.
Low surface brightness galaxies : 15 years of discovery
CfA colloquium--April 27, 2000
QB857.5.E96 C69 2002
Cowie, Len.
Galaxy formation at high redshift
CfA colloquium--December 5, 2002
QB857.5.E96 S65 2001
Spinrad, Hy.
Search techniques and some results on distant galaxies
CfA colloquium--May 17, 2001
QB857.5.E97 F74 1997
Freedman, Wendy.
The Hubble Space Telescope key project to measure H_o
CfA colloquium--November 6, 1997
QB857.5.G7 F35 1999
Falco-Acosta, Emilio.
Astrophysics and cosmology from space telescope observations of gravitational lenses
CfA colloquium--November 4, 1999
QB857.5.G7 G72 1997
Turner, Edwin Lewis.
Gravitational lenses and the age of the universe
CfA colloquium--September 25, 1997
QB857.5.G7 P33 1999
Paczynski, B. (Bohdan)
Optical gravitational lensing experiment : present and future plans
CfA colloquium--April 29, 1999
QB857.5.G7 W45 2000
White, Martin.
Weak lensing : shear madness
CfA colloquium--April 6, 2000
QB857.5.H34 J64 2003
Johnston, Kathryn.
Stellar halos and hierarchical structure formation CfA colloquium--September 18, 2003
QB857.5.M34 M33 1999
Madau, Piero.
Reionization and the early intergalactic medium
CfA colloquium--October 28, 1999
QB857.5.M34 M34 1997
Morris, Mark.
Magnetic fields in galactic nuclei
CfA colloquium--October 23, 1997
QB857.5.M34 O88 2002
Ostriker, Eve C.
Creative tension : galactic magnetic fields and the origins of star-forming clouds
CfA colloquium--November 14, 2002
QB857.5.M67 T66 2000
Tonry, John L.
Local and large scale flows from surface brightness fluctuations
CfA colloquium--March 30, 2000
QB857.7.B44 2000
Beers, Timothy Carter.
Kinematics of the galaxy and halo structure
CfA colloquium--March 9, 2000
QB857.7.M55 2000
The Milky Way's invisible light. -- [Greenbelt, Md.] : NASA Goddard Space Flight Center : AT&T Digital Media Center, [2000]
QB857.7.R49 1998
Reynolds, Ron.
Exploring diffuse ionized gas in the Milky Way
CfA colloquium--December 3, 1998
QB857.7.W97 2001
Wyse, Rosemary F. G.
Constraints on disk galaxy formation and evolution from the Milky Way Galaxy
CfA colloquium--April 5, 2001
QB858.3.H46 1999
Herrnstein, James Rezso.
The NGC4258 water maser : a unique window into the sub-parsec-scale world of an active galactic nucleus
CfA colloquium--May 13, 1999
QB858.3.I54 1997
Genzel, R.
Infrared spectroscopy of galactic nuclei
CfA colloquium--October 9, 1997
QB858.35.M37 2004
Marscher, Alan.
Spying on blazars: life in the fast lane
CfA Colloquium--February 26, 2004
QB858.42.E45 2001
Elmegreen, Bruce G.
The inner kiloparsec regions of spiral galaxies
CfA colloquium--September 27, 2001
QB858.42.H39 2000
Haynes, Martha.
Kinematic evidence for minor mergers in isolated, normal Sa galaxies
CfA colloquium--April 20, 2000
QB858.7.A76 2001
Arnaud, Monique.
Galaxy clusters as seen by XMM
CfA colloquium--May 3, 2001
QB858.7.B44 2003
Begelman, Mitchell C.
Cooling flows sing the blues.
CfA Colloquium--November 20, 2003
QB858.7.C65 2001
Colless, Matthew.
The 2dF galaxy redshift survey
CfA colloquium--January 18, 2001
QB858.7.D66 2001
Donahue, Megan.
The ROSAT Optical X-ray Survey: A Comparison of Optical and X-Ray Cluster Discovery
CfA colloquium--January 31, 2002
QB858.7.E97 2000
Evrard, August C.
Clusters of galaxies : forefront observations and simulations
CfA colloquium--October 19, 2000
QB858.7.F33 1998
Fabian, Andy.
Cluster cooling flows
CfA colloquium--May 7, 1998
QB858.7.L83 1999
Lubin, Lori M.
A study of nine high-redshift clusters of galaxies : properties of their galaxy populations and implications for galaxy evolution
CfA colloquium--February 4, 1999
QB858.7.M668 2002
Mohr, Joseph John.
Galaxy Clusters, Dark Energy and Structure Formation
CfA colloquium--October 10, 2002
QB858.7.N67 2002
Norman, Michael L.
Hydrodynamics of cluster formation
CfA colloquium--April 11, 2002
QB858.7.P43 1999
Peacock, John.
The 2dF galaxy redshift survey
CfA colloquium--October 7, 1999
QB858.7.S93 2003
Szalay, Alex.
Clustering of galaxies in the SDSS
CfA colloquium--March 6, 2003
QB858.7.V55 2001
Vikhlinin, Alexey.
Chandra observations of galaxy clusters : when arcsecond resolution really counts
CfA colloquium--March 29, 2001
QB860.B42 2001
Bechtold, Jill.
Quasar absorption lines : observations with Chandra, the MMT and Hubble
CfA colloquium--March 15, 2001
QB860.B43 2000
Becker, Robert H.
Searching for really red quasars with the FIRST survey
CfA colloquium--September 21, 2000
QB860.E93 2002
Evans, Aaron.
Molecular Gas and the Host Galaxies of Infrared Excess Quasi-Stellar Objects
CfA colloquium--March 14, 2002
QB860.F36 2001
Fan, Xiaohui.
z~6 Quasars from the SDSS: Probing the Reionization Epoch
CfA colloquium--November 15, 2001
QB860.H47 1998
Hernquist, Lars.
Cosmology from studies of quasar absorption lines
CfA colloquium--March 12, 1998
QB860.I47 2003
Impey, Chris
Quasars as cosmological probes
QB860.S34 2002
Schechter, Paul.
The milli- and micro-lensing of macrolensed quasars
CfA colloquium--October 3, 2002
QB871.E95 1997
Kudritzki, R. P.
Extragalactic stellar astronomy
CfA colloquium--October 2, 1997
QB980.K36 2000
Kamionkowski, Marc
The first 10-36 seconds
CfA colloquium--May 11, 2000
QB980.T87 2001
Turner, Michael Stanley.
Making sense of the new cosmology
CfA colloquium--October 11, 2001
QB981.H3774 1999
Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
Stephen Hawking Loeb lectures. (Morris Loeb lectures in physics ; 1999, Sept. 27-Oct. 5)
Powers of ten : a film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero / made by the office of Charles and Ray Eames for IBM ; produced by Eames Demetrois and Shelley Mills. -- Santa Monica, CA : Pyramid & Video, c1989.
The Films of Charles & Ray Eames ; v.1
QB981.S375 2000
Schmidt, Brian (Brian Paul)
Probing the transient universe from the outside in
CfA colloquium--March 23, 2000
QB981.S86 2002
Swerdlow, N. M.
The requirements for scientific cosmology illustrated by the first scientific cosmology, Ptolemy's
CfA colloquium--December 12, 2002
QB991.B54 M67 2000
Morrison, Philip.
The big bang : fifty years from putdown to standard to open issue
CfA colloquium--November 9, 2000
QB991.C64 C47 2001
Cesarsky, Catherine Jeanne, 1943-
The cosmic infrared background resolved with ISOCAM deep surveys
CfA colloquium--November 1, 2001
QB991.C64 E37 1998
Efstathiou, George.
Estimating cosmological parameters from the cosmic background radiation
CfA colloquium--May 14, 1998
QB991.C64 H38 1998
Hauser, M. G.
The COBE search for the cosmic infrared background
CfA colloquium--May 21, 1998
QB991.C64 I56 1997
Carlstrom, John.
Interferometric imaging of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect
CfA colloquium--October 16, 1997
QB991.C64 N43 1998
Wright, Edward Leonard, 1947-
COBE observations of the infrared background
CfA colloquium--October 8, 1998
QB991.C64 N48 2000
Netterfield, Barth.
Imaging the cosmic microwave background
CfA colloquium--June 1, 2000
QB991.C64 P34 1997
Page, Lyman.
Measuring the anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background
CfA colloquium--December 4, 1997
QB991.C64 R33 2003
Readhead, Tony
Two-year observations of the cosmic microwave background with the Cosmic Background Imager
CfA colloquium--May 22, 2003
QB991.C64S64 2004
Spergel, David N.
WMAP and beyond.
CFA Colloquium--February 19, 2004
QB991.C66 K57 1998
Kirschner, Robert P.
Is the universe accelerating?
CfA colloquium--September 24, 1998
QB991.E53 A32 2000
Adams, Fred C.
Into the dark : the long-term fate and evolution of astrophysical objects in a dying universe
CfA colloquium--October 12, 2000
QB991.E94 B34 1999
Bahcall, Neta.
The cosmic triangle
CfA colloquium--October 14, 1999
QB991.E94 F47 1997
Ferrara, A. (Andrea)
Unveiling the early universe : Pop III objects and their observable effects
CfA colloquium--November 20, 1997
QB991.E94 S84 1999
Steinhardt, Paul.
The missing energy problem
CfA colloquium--March 11, 1999
QC73.6.S45 2002
Science in focus : energy / produced by Science Media Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ; Matthew H. Schneps, director.
Available at:
QC173.F695 1990z
Frames of reference -- Newton, MA : Education Development Center, [between 1990 and 2001?]
QC178.U65 1990z
Universal gravitation -- Newton, MA : Education Development Center, [between 1990 and 2001?]
QC179.K35 2001
Kalogera, Vassiliki.
Gravitational waves from compact object inspiral : detection prospects and challenges
CfA colloquium--April 26, 2001
QC363.G66 2000 Videocassette + Notebook
Goodman, Douglas S.
Optics demonstrations with an overhead projector / Douglas S. Goodman. -- Wasington, DC : Optical Society of America ; Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE--The International Society of Optical Engineering, [2000]
QC457.I555 2000
Infrared : more than your eyes can see. -- Pasadena, Calif. : National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, [2000?]
QC793.3.Q35 W54 2001
Wilczek, Frank.
QCD, cosmology and astrophysics
CfA colloquium--February 1, 2001
QC793.5.B32 N53 2002
Nicastro, Fabrizio.
Tracking the missing baryons in the Local Group
CfA colloquium--October 31, 2002
QE33.2.R4 D38 2003
Davis, James.
EarthScope : an astronomical approach to an Earth observatory
CfA colloquium--March 13, 2003
TL789.8.U5 S586 1999
Space 2000 Symposium: March 24, 1999. -- [Hanover, Md.: NASA/CASI, 1999]
Z688.S3 S74 1997
Special Libraries Association. Conference (88th : June 7-12, 1997 : Seattle, Wash.) Special Libraries Association, 88th Annual Conference 1997 opening general session : Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft. -- Denver, CO : National Audio Video, 1997.