Daniel Chivvis

Digital Projects Assistant

Daniel Chivvis joined the team in September 2018. Using Python to parse XML records and the ADS API, Daniel served as co-author of A Twenty Year Case Study on Software Citation Practices in Astronomy. In May 2019, Daniel received his Masters in Library & Information Science (Information Technology Concentration) from Simmons University.

As a Research Fellow at the Harvard College Observatory, Daniel is currently developing MetaSat, a metadata schema that links together data, software, and hardware from small satellite missions.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Katz, D.S.; et al. including Chivvis, D. (2019). Software Citation Implementation Challenges. ADS bibcode: 2019arXiv190508674K
Bouquin, D.; et al. including Chivvis, D. (2019). Citing Astronomy Software: Inline Text Examples. AstroBetter. 
Bouquin, D., Chivvis, D. (2019). Software Citation Implementation in Astronomy: An Update. Presented at the 233rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Seattle, WA. 
GitHub: @danielchivvis