Digitization Process

The workflow for Project PHaEDRA is outlined below. It is useful when looking through the process to define three separate workflows that dovetail each other to ensure that all of the relevant systems are in sync.

PHaEDRA_workflow.pngBox Workflow

The “Box Workflow” follows the process needed to retrieve subsets of the collection from off-site storage and to manage the transfer of the collection material to Imaging Services and back to off-site storage.

Hard Drive Workflow

The “Hard Drive Workflow” shows how image files are transferred from Imaging Services eventually to ADS and to a backup drive managed internally by Wolbach Library. The hard drive is also physically returned to Imaging Services.

Digital Image Workflow

The “Digital Image Workflow” includes all steps necessary to make the image files available on ADS and to have the STC render the images for transcription. It also includes the steps needed to ensure that the transcriptions can be incorporated into the resulting ADS records to allow for full-text search.

Bouquin, Daina, et al. Project PHaEDRA: Preserving Harvard's Early Data and Research in Astronomy. American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231. 2018;231 :#143.03.