Black and white image of Messier 31, a spiral galaxyRoberts, I. (1899). Image of Messier 31. Photographs of Stars, Star-Clusters and Nebulae, London: Knowledge Office, Vol. II, Plate 10

Wolbach staff work to promote and amplify the astronomy community’s contemporary and historic work. To this end we have taken on the following efforts:

Historical Exhibits

Exhibits are intented to promote and amplify the astronomy community’s historic work, while showcasing special collections and instigating meaningful conversations about contemporary research. 

CfA Historian-in-Residence

A fellowship program designed to help bring a historical perspective to contemporary conversations about race and colonialism in astronomy. These fellows undertake original research while participating in the life of the observatory and acting as a resource for the community.

Preserving Harvard's Early Data and Research in Astronomy (PHaEDRA)

A project by the Wolbach Library, in collaboration with many partners, to catalog, digitize, transcribe, and enrich the metadata of over 2500 logbooks and notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers and early Harvard astronomers.

Elevating Observers of the Night Sky (EONS)

A digital history project at the Wolbach Library which aims to connect people with resources to help them understand and appreciate different astronomical cultures, as well as meaningfully engage in conversations about how colonialism and racism have been, and continue to be, facets of astronomical pursuits.