Public Library Partnerships

The Wolbach Library appreciates the opportunity to work with public libraries in ways that enable science literacy and introduce the public to CfA scientists. If you're a public librarian and you have ideas for how we could work together, please contact us!

Library Space Technology Network

The Library Space Technology Network (LSTN) is a project that offers public library communities the chance to build and engage with space technology by hosting an open satellite ground station on their property. See the full LSTN website to find out more.

The first libraries to participate in LSTN are located in the northern, southern, eastern, and western hemispheres and represent communities with unique needs and values. We are thrilled to be working with the following cohort of public libraries:

External Support

In 2019 the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awarded the Wolbach Library and the Libre Space Foundation (LSF) a grant to in part pilot LSTN ground station installations in five public libraries around the world. LSF subsequently developed a LSTN ground station kit to allow pilot libraries to participate in LSF’s existing open satellite ground station network, SatNOGs.