Guides and Resources

Women Astronomical Computers

Find out more about Harvard's Women Computers and other early astronomers at the Harvard College Observatory.


Guide to transcribing on the Smithsonian Transcription Center

Get started with this helpful guide to transcribing the work of Harvard's Women Computers

PHaEDRA Citation Guide

Learn how to cite PHaEDRA materials.


The below resources will help you dig deeper into the history and science behind Project PHaEDRA. Be sure to also check out our resources for Amateur Astronomers.

Further Reading

Books, articles, plays, films, and more!

Resources for Teachers

Project PHaEDRA staff have compiled collections of content on the SI Learning Lab to help you incorporate information about the Harvard Computers and their astronomy into your classes.

PHaEDRA Glossary

A list of terms that transcribers might come across in PHaEDRA notebooks. Please feel free to send us suggestions for additions!